Our Process

Tell us your story

We love stories and we want to hear yours. You may think your story is uninteresting, however, we have yet to meet someone who does not have people they care about, experiences they want to have, and ideas about a future they hope to create for themselves—that is your story.

Get to know us

As we hear about you, we will invite you to learn about us and how we could work together because we believe in a mutual selection process with our potential clients. We are an open book, so we will share and answer any questions about our lives, families, and the firm to help you to evaluate whether our firm is the right partner for your family.

Data comes next

Our team will work with you to collect the information and data that will enable us to have an effective dialogue. This typically includes balance sheets, account statements, and basic personal data on you and your family.

Review the rough plan

We will design a financial roadmap based on your hopes, dreams, and goals to help cast a vision for how your resources and future capacities can give you the highest likelihood of achieving that future. Additionally, we will outline any solutions related to risk management, wealth management or other risk, tax or legal considerations that might be important to consider.

Discover if we fit

During discussions of your plan and our recommendations, it usually becomes apparent if we have alignment between how we serve families and your values, personality, style, and expectations. We want you to be confident that you have the right partner, and that confidence may take time to develop, or it may be near instantaneous. Either way, we love putting ideas to work, seeing families excited about their progress, and encouraging them to think differently or dream bigger as they see what is possible!

Engage and implement

Once we get the go ahead, our team springs into action to assist with every step of the process of consolidating assets, placing insurance, and making introductions to key planning partners like attorneys and CPAs. We know you have other people and responsibilities vying for your time, so we do our best to take on as much of the work as we can, and to help you through the process with clear instruction and consistent follow-up. You will always have a direct line to our implementation team or our planning partners over phone or email if you have questions or concerns along the way.

Review and revise

Once we have implemented the initial plan, the real fun begins! You will spend time with your advisor regularly so we can keep up with all of the exciting changes in your life and family and adjust your planning, as needed. In addition to these strategic conversations, our team is always here to discuss the unexpected, tactical topics that inevitably come up like changing jobs, buying or selling houses or businesses, or market events.